The Shiratech FPGA Mezzanine for 96Boards adds configurability to your embedded environment using the Intel MAX-10 FPGA. With the CPU and FPGA combo, you can connect to any interface and add real time performance to your project. It offers unparalleled design flexibility through the use of Rasberry Pi, Arduino & Grove connectors, which allow you to use any combination of 3rd party sensors and actuators.


Add any interface and boost real time performance using Intel MAX-10 10M04 FPGA

  • First ever connection between 96Boards and Rasberry Pi, Arduino & Grove
  • Full design flexibility to mix and match sensors and actuators from any environment
  • Enables migration to the 96Boards environment

The mezzanine key component is Intel MAX-10 10M04

  • 256 FBGA package
  • 4K Logic Elements
  • 189Kb Block memory
  • Up to 156KB user FLASH memory
  • Dual internal configuration
  • 178 GPIO
  • FPGA programming using Altera standard programming connector.
  • Ordering option to enhance to Intel MAX-10 10M50

Expansion connectors

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi expansion connector
  • 1 x Arduino expansion connector
  • 6 x Grove expansion connectors: 4 digital and 2 analog