AOSP TV Build For The Hikey And Hikey 960

Taking clues from how we used to build Android TV for the Raspberry Pi, I was able to get a AOSP TV build running on both the Hikey bords. Now the reason I am calling this an AOSP TV is that I have kept is as close the the AOSP build as possible with minimal modifiaction to the device source tree. The only part not included in the AOSP is the Leanback Launcher binaries that needed to be downloaded separately (more on that in the instructions), but these binaries are freely provided by Google.

Project Details

  • Creator: Sahaj Sarup
  • Project Name: AOSP TV For Hikey Boards
  • Type of Project: Application/component/library: Software application, component or library
  • Project Category: Android Open Source Project
  • Board(s) used: Hikey and Hikey960
  • Difficulty level: Beginner: Install Prebuilt ROM, Experienced: Build AOSP TV From Source


Video Of The AOSP TV Build Running On a Hikey960

Video Of The AOSP TV Build Running On a Hikey960



Pre-Built Installation Guide [Only For Hikey960]

1) Download from here 2) Put Hikey960 into fastboot mode by using the following switch configuration

  switch 1 ON
  switch 2 OFF
  switch 3 ON

3) Connect Hikey960 to a Linux Desktop 4) Open a terminal and enter the following commands:

  cd <download directory>
  tar -xvzf hikey960-tv-binaries.tar.gz
  cd hikey960-tv-binaries
  sudo ./

NOTE: if you do not want to format and just want to upgrade without loosing all the external apps, comment out the userdata flash line in

Build From Source

  • Follow The GitHub link for source and build instructions.
  • BLOG:
  • Youtube:
  • GitHub: ***