Dragon Detector

The DragonBoard™410c detects motion via an IR sensor and takes a photo via the webcam. The image is processed by OpenCV to see if there are any dragons. If a dragon is detected then the program calls an IFTTT maker API end point and notifies an operator on their phone, and the knight on the top of the detector flashes his eyes red.

Project Details

  • Creator: Andy Clark
  • Project Name: Dragon Detector
  • Type of Project: Demonstrations (Projects showcasing individual features of a 96Boards product)
  • Project Category: Demo/robotics/drone, robotics project or similar probably involving both hardware and software components
  • Board(s) used: DragonBoard 410c


DragonDetector demo

DragonDetector demo

Andy Clark demos the DragonDetector on OpenHours ep. #30

Andy Clark demos the DragonDetector on OpenHours ep.30