Remote Monitoring Project

This project is designed to implement remote monitoring on the DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow Electronics. A picture can be taken upon request using the USB camera connected to the DragonBoard 410c, and the pictures can be transmitted to the server. An Android phone is used to make the request and view the pictures that have been sent to the server. The DragonBoard 410c can also be set up to proactively take photos, carry out facial recognition, and upload photos from which faces are detected. It may also take and upload photos based on any hardware-triggered commands.

Sometimes when I am not home I wanted to have a look of my home conditions. It was neither necessary nor convenient to buy a ready-made camera for monitoring. I decided to try DIY. If further improvement is needed, a motor could be added to control the camera shooting position angle.

Project Details

  • Creator: He Wenjie - Graduate student, Southeast University
  • Project Name: Remote Monitoring Project
  • Type of Project: Demonstrations (Projects showcasing individual features of a 96Boards product)
  • Project Category: Computer Vision, Security, Smart Home
  • Board(s) used: DragonBoard 410c