Smart Weather Display System

This project is a smart home system design based on the DragonBoard™ 410c from Arrow Electronics. It utilizes the DragonBoard 410c network support function and built-in Wi-Fi module for Internet connection. It is designed to use strong data processing power for the display of time, pictures, and sensor values.

The project was designed based on QT5.2.1. By utilizing the QT cross-platform characteristics, the developers compiled the APK running on an Android platform and then installed it to the DragonBoard 410c.

The aim of this project was to address the limitations that weather acquisition software typically is unable to satisfy individual users. The project is designed to display real-time local weather, local time, acquiring indoor temperature and humidity and displaying personal picture gallery.

Project Details

  • Creator: Ma Junling, Manager of Hardware Dept. Qingdao Goertech Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Project Name: Smart Weather Display System
  • Type of Project: Demo
  • Project Category: IoT, Smart Home, Digital Signage
  • Board(s) used: 96Boards Consumer Edition



Usage Instructions

  • Connect the DragonBoard 410c board via Wi-Fi to the Internet and to the display via HDMI interface.
  • Directly copy this source code to QT5.2.1 development environment for direct running.
  • Set up a cross-compilation environment, and compile this source code into an APK program executable on Android.