TurtleBot 2e

The TurtleBot 2e is a new revision of the TurtleBot that uses a single board computer (SBC) such as the DragonBoard™ 410c. It also features the Orbbec Astra camera.


The DragonBoard 410c offers two advantages over the prior TurtleBot netbook versions. First, the DragonBoard 410c is only $75, while the necessary netbooks remain in the $400 price range. Second, the DragonBoard 410c requires less power and consequently can be run off the internal power supply from the Kobuki base. This significantly simplifies battery management – there is only one battery level to check, charge, and discharge.

Project Details

  • Creator: Tully Foote, Open Source Robotics Foundation
  • Project Name: TurtleBot 2e
  • Type of Project: Demonstrations (Projects showcasing individual features of a 96Boards product)
  • Project Category: Robotics
  • Board(s) used: DragonBoard 410c