Integrating Alexa & Ultra96

Voice control using Alexa is popular for a number of applications. This project shows how to connect an Ultra96 (Arm & FPGA) with Alexa.

Project Details

  • Creator: Adam Taylor
  • Project Name: Integrating Alexa & Ultra96
  • Type of Project: Demonstrations (Projects showcasing individual features of a 96Boards product)
  • Project Category: AWS
  • Board(s) used: Ultra96



Many IoT developments these days, integrate and operate with Amazon’s Alexa to provide voice interaction.

In this project we are going to look at how we can integrate Alexa with our Ultra96 design. This means we can develop applications which leverage the programmable logic and Arm cores of the Ultra96 and then integrate the solution with Alexa.

To integrate our application with Alexa we are going to use a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) along with running Python applications on the Ultra96.

As such to implement this project you will need a AWS account.