1. What kind of projects can be submitted to this repo?

Ans: Projects to be submitted here should be of good quality and it can fall under 3D printed designs, Designs for Mezzanine boards, 96Boards port for software repositories you maintain etc…

2. If my entire source code is in my own repo, how should I submit?

Ans: You can link your repo under RSS URL section while submitting your project. For mode details, please refer our Submit a project guide.

Ans: We do not enforce any license restrictions to the source code/materials submitted to this repo. But, it should fall under one of the open source licenses available.

4. What kind of materials should be included while submitting a project?

Ans: Each project should contain atleast the instructions to reproduce and a link to demo video.

5. Can I expect community contributions?

Ans: Yes. You can also render a collaborative project here.

6. Will the project be shown in 96Boards website?

Ans: Yes. It will be shown.