96Boards in Brazil - Country wide IoT Partnership Program!

Robert Wolff

Hello everyone! Olá a todos! Good morning, good afternoon and good night!

96Boards is lighting the beacon to call forward all Brazilian embedded hackers and Internet of Things (IoT) enthusiasts who are interested in joining a country wide partnership program! This is great news for the IoT community in Brazil.

On April 10th, Qualcomm Brazil launched a partnership program in IoT Solutions development, using the Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c.

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The program will select 20 groups (1 to 3 people) to develop an IoT project using 96Boards outfitted with Qualcomm technologies. While all are welcome to apply for a spot in this amazing partnership program, I am told the organizer will mostly be keeping an eye out for the following types of participants:

  • Startup groups

  • Professionals

  • New product development companies

  • Student entrepreneurs

There is no doubt in my mind, we are bound to see some serious projects/prototypes come out of these groups…

Those who are selected will receive business mentoring, equipment and technical support over the two month development period.

After this process, some partners may offer the following:

  1. Qualcomm training in San Diego, California. This includes the opportunity to visit several other IoT companies in the region as well as the University of California, San Diego (Ranked 13th top engineering school in the USA)

  2. Accelerated product and campaign development by a IoT focused company (Baita Accelerator in Campinas);

  3. The opportunity to pitch to investors about their solutions (after the acceleration process).

Qualcomm has selected the number one IoT portal in Brazil to handle this entire process, they are called www.embarcados.com.br. This includes recruiting, team selecting, advising and analyzing each project.

Link to event (In Portuguese): https://www.embarcados.com.br/programa-de-parcerias-em-iot-da-qualcomm/

Linaro and 96Boards

Linaro and 96Boards will be offering support throughout the entire event! This will include the following:


We at 96Boards would like to thank Qualcomm Brazil and all of the other partners for inviting us to be a part of this very unique event!

Qualcomm, Embarcados, Arrow Electronics, Baita Aceleradora, 96Boards and Linaro

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