Unboxing the WisTrio IoT Board

Sahaj Sarup

Uboxing and a Quick look at the WisTrio IoT Board from RAKWireless

WisTrio LORA Tracker by RAK Wireless is based on the RK5205 chipset. This extremely low power consumption device supports multiple global bands, contains a variety of onboard sensors, offers standard IO (I2C, GPIO, UART and ADC) and several antenna options (SMA & IPEX). All of this on the 96Boards IoT Edition standard footprint!

This packs the:

  • RAK811 Module:
    • Semtech SX1276 for LoRaWAN
    • STM32L Cortex-M3 MCU
  • L76-L GPS modem
  • Built-in environmental sensor BME680 (gas, pressure, humidity, temperature)
  • 3-axis MEMS sensor LIS3DH (accelerometer).
  • Supports rechargeable battery through micro USB or 5V solar charging ports.

For more info take a look at out documentation page here.

And take a look at the unboxing to see whats in the box ;)


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