96Boards OpenHours Session 7 Recap


96Boards OpenHours session seven the topic was “How to Cross Compile files on X86 Linux System for 96Boards, libsoc & mraa libraries.” To watch this weeks’ session go to:


Below is an overview of what was discussed including the time in the video where this topic was discussed.

The first topic was a recap of last week’s session:

Last week the team discussed “Installing Docker on aarch64 with the Reference Platform Build on a 96Boards CE-edition.”  Bill Fletcher was our guest speaker.  Here is Bill’s blog that gives you more information:  https://www.96boards.org/blog/installing-docker-aarch64-96boards-ce/

This week’s discussion began at 6:40

Robert kicked off the discussion by explaining what cross compiling is and an introduction on our guest speaker for this week – David Mandala who was there to talk about was “How to Cross Compile files on X86 Linux System for 96Boards, libsoc & mraa libraries.”  David also wrote a great blog with more detailed information in it that can be found here:  https://www.96boards.org/blog/cross-compile-files-x86-linux-to-96boards/

David Mandala began his presentation at 7:35

David began to explain that cross compiling is not your best option but if you do have to do it then he went on to explain different ways you can do this.  He then gave some reasons why you may need to cross compile and how it has changed in recent years.

12:13 – David began to go into detail and give specific instructions on what you need to do for a simple compile.  He lists different hardware and packages that you will need to do this.

20:08 – David shows a detailed written step-by-step of what to do.  He then goes through each step and gives a brief overview.

Next week’s 96Boards OpenHours topic will be on the reference platform around 16:06.  Be sure to join us https://www.96boards.org/openhours/

Please remember, if you get stuck, there are resources to help you through the installation. Feel free to check out the 96Boards forums, 96Boards wiki, or Freenode IRC channel #96boards (there are many ways to access IRC, this website is one of them). Dig around the wiki, create a new forum thread, and/or post a question in the chat.

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