It's a Calendar! It's a Picture Frame!

Sahaj Sarup

The 96Boards Social Media Ticker

Currently this is what the functionality is:

  • Displays a Slide Show of Images.
  • Tap to reveal a Calendar
  • Displays a Customized Google Calendar
  • Cycles between each Image every 5 sec.
  • Images can be Uploaded to and Removed using a web based UI

Notable Python and External Libraries and Programs

  • fbi:This is a image viewer for the linux framebuffer console.
  • Chromium: OpenSource web browser with a Kiosk mode.
  • evdev:provides bindings to the generic input event interface in Linux. The evdev interface serves the purpose of passing events generated in the kernel directly to userspace through character devices that are typically located in /dev/input/

Source The source for this project is available at:


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