CryptoNode on 96Boards



Hi! 96Boards has partnered with UCSD ECE to begin development into Cryptocurrency space. The project is currently known as cryptonode. This project seeks to deliver a more intuitive userspace to cryptocurrencies and help spread adoption of the crypto platform. In order to do so, the Dragonboard410c will be running the different required softwares and present and GUI to the user

Work and Roadmap

The team at (Team H) UCSD is currently investing its time into research specifically on which coins are ammenable to the project. After cementing a choice, a wallet, miner, and node host for said coin will be attempted. Current progress has the group close to up-to-speed on existing technologies and methodologies behind the operations of each of the three. Once these features are implemented, integration of the three as well as a supporting GUI will be worked upon. Dragonboard410c Currently wallet implementation is the goal.

Slides from the week


As our group learns more about the project we hope to have more tangible posts to grasp. The next week’s post will probably be more technical w.r.t. attempts at implementation as well as explanation of the theory of operations for different coins.

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