HiKey960 takes over 96Boards and OpenHours!

Robert Wolff


On April 25th, 2017 96Boards OpenHours broke away from it’s usual broadcast time to offer a special announcement episode via their regular BlueJeans channel. This surprise gathering brought people in from all around the world with the hopes of hearing about a new 96Boards product release. Joined by community members and 96Boards partners, the 45 minute long episode started out with a bang as the HiKey960 was officially announced within the first few minutes.

Keep reading to get a closer breakdown of the show…

The Show - OpenHours Announcement

“Recording has started” - Yes, OpenHours attendees beware, our episodes are recorded and posted on YouTube! This is how it started, my usual disclaimer and on to the good stuff…

0:00 - 0:30 : OpenHours recording disclaimer.

0:30 - 1:15 : At this point it only seemed right to introduce OpenHours and it’s usual broadcast timeas well as myself. Now you know that OpenHours goes on weekly and can be followed at www.96Boards.org/OpenHours

1:15 - 2:05 : The announcement, HiKey960 is now available for purchase through various sites. We are also be joined by so many people involved in making this board happen (Huawei, LeMaker, Archermind, ARM…)

2:05 - 3:20 : The schedule, I give a quick outline of what is to be expected for the 45 minute broadcast

3:20 - 7:28 : Let’s talk about the HiKey960! During this time I show off the board to the camera and talk about some of my favorite/interesting features…

7:28 - 12:35 : Demo with Vishal Bohj. The HiKey960 is lined up with the original HiKey and various aspects are compared. This includes boot up time and the running of various media files to test performance and CPU usage.

12:35 - 16:00 : Site questions to Huawei, answered by Hansheng Tan - Could you provide some insight on the differences between HiKey960 and its predesessor, the original HiKey

16:00 - 22:15 : Site question to ARM, answered by Ray Hwang - What are the key ARM IPs available on this board (the HiKey960)?

22:15 - 23:20 : Site question to Huawei, answered by Hansheng Tan - Why 3GB of RAM?

23:20 - 25:00: I started throwing questions out to anyone on the call… First one out is a questions about Linux and when it will be available for the HiKey960

25:00 - 25:40 : Are there any limitation to powering the board through the Type-C connector only

25:40 - 27:10 : Are there any current limitation to the HiKey960 that you would like to let us know about?

27:10 - 44:20 : Open the floor for questions.

44:20 - 45:59 : Closing statements

HiKey960 Specs, News and Resources

So many have already talked about and outlined HiKey960’s specs. I think it is best I forward you to these many outlets and provide you with some excellent weekend reading material!


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