Magic Mirror Part 2

Sahaj Sarup

Magic-Mirror Part 2

The magic-mirror or as many would call it “smart-mirror” is a simple concept of using an bright screen running a Black and White (!Grey-scale) UI behind a translucent mirror to give an effect of a “futuristic” digital mirror of sorts.

Check out Part 1

What’s improved over Revision 1:

  • Gesture Sensing using flick 3D: The Flick 3D gesture sensing board is used that to “Swipe” between different Mirror-Faces.
  • PIR Sensor: A PIR sensor is used to detect motion, or lack there of, to turn the screen on or off.
  • Actual Magic Mirror: In Part-1, I hadn’t installed the actual mirror, this time I ended up making one using some acrylic sheet and a two way mirror sheet.

Here is a quick demo of what we end up with:

Check out the Source: magic-mirror

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