OpenGLES 3 Demo on the Rock960 running Panfrost drivers

Sahaj Sarup

Hi all,

Just a quick blog showing OpenGLES 3 applications now running on the Rock960 using the Panfrost GPU drivers.

A Quick Recap on Panfrost:

Panfrost is a free and open source driver for Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs.

The driver is capable of running a few demos and has been upstream to Mesa & Linux (currently in linux-next). It has been tested on Rockchip RK3288/R3399, and Amlogic S912 with the Arm Mali-T764, Arm Mali-T864, and Arm Mali-T820MP3 GPUs respectively.

For more details you can look at one of my previous blog

A Status Update on Panfrost’s Accessability

As of now, many Linux distributions like Fedora, Arch etc already build and use Panfrost based mesa drivers for compatible GPUs, provided that the SBC’s device-tree has it enabled upstream.

GLES 3 Demo: SuperTuxKart

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