OpenHours Episode 107 - Hello Chava

Robert Wolff


This week, we will spoke with Meral and Isaac from Hello Chava, two of the hardest working people I follow on Instagram. On an almost daily basis, you will find Meral logging and broadcasting the good, bad and ugly faces of a startup life. Her followers get to see it all and take part in this amazing journey through engaging stories and posts. Over time, it has become somewhat of a habit to check up on Hello Chava (among other ventures) to see how things are going! All of this, through Meral’s digital looking glass on Instagram. Holding true to the name “my.startuplife”, Meral offers a first hand look at what it’s like to be a hard working entrepenuer in this fast moving and competative tech world.

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Chat log

Robert Wolff - R(
Hi, Tyeth. Good evening

Timothy Thomas - TT
Hey Guys

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(
no one is here
Maybe this will be bad...

Sahaj - S
Arm / Autonomous Robotics contest
Last week’s episode:

Rajan - R
Is there an AI/ML component to the application?

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(
Meral on Instagram:
Isaac on Instagram:
Hello Chava on Instagram:

Rajan - R
Interesting to see how AI was used in this application

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(
Hello Chava website:

Sahaj - S
Talking about Hello Chava, what were the problems that kept you awake?

Rajan - R
what type of resources do you need to scale?
might be different for different architectures, but did you guys think about scaling from day one? or did you have to change something major to be able to scale your app?
so what you are saying is "It is ok to burn the first version to the ground"

Sahaj - S
The Real Candy Rapper

Rajan - R

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(

Rajan - R
you can use that one for the company

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(
Doer Society on Instagram:
Arm Contest:

Ragnar - R
"Deadline to apply for free kits: July 21, 2018 at 11:59 PM PT"?

Robert Wolff (Desk) - R(

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