OpenHours ep 67 Recap - Live from Denver, Colorado

Robert Wolff


This episode was hosted from the Hyatt Regency hotel lobby in Denver Colorado. The episode caught me slightly off guard since I had just finished attending a conference and was on the way to the airport (headed home). Luckily, there was just enough time to take the call and and enjoy some good last minute conversation before heading off to the airport!

The episode didn’t focus on anything in particular. We hung out and talked about a couple projects as well as the future episodes that are to come.


Chat log

Rodrigo Azevedo - RA
sorry guys. I'm at office

Sahaj Sarup - SS
the sun rays looks dope

Gustavo - G
we are working in the io testing mezzanine
we are going to show the voard
Message from Gustavo: can you see?
can you see?

Robert Wolff - RW
Message from Robert Wolff:

Gustavo - G
we shared the screen of a simple I/O testing board for the altium tepplate

Ragnar - R
any level shifters on this board?

jean-marc - J
What voltage? Any voltage level shifter?

Robert Wolff - RW
No level shifter
Community Form:

Ragnar. - R
congrats Sahaj

Sahaj Sarup - SS

Ragnar. - R

Robert Wolff - RW

Mani - M

Robert Wolff - RW

A suggestion I have would be exposing the SPI I/O pins (SDI,SDO,SCK) and a couple of other I/Os (for chip selection and Interruptions) in a
basic header or edge connector. And, of course, some I/O level translation to +3.3V.

jean-marc - J
the audio mezzanine fill almost this request

Mile height city?
nice mountains over there.
Thanks. Good bye, all!
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