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Explore what makes your Developerbox unique, technical specifications, schematics, hardware notes and more… This page allows you to see what is under the “Developerbox hood” by offering static documentation published directly from the board vendors.

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Verified Hardware


Manufacturer Part number Description
Micron RDIMM MTA18ASF2G72PDZ-2G3 16GB 2RX8 PC4-2400T-RE1-11
Trancend UDIMM TS512MLH64V1H DDR4 UDIMM 4GB 1Rx8 DDR4 2133 ECC
Crucial UDIMM CT4G4DFS824A 4GB DDR4-2400 UDIMM 1.2V CL17

Note: in order to use the 4 DIMM slots, registered DIMMs are required. For example: using the Crucial UDIMM CT4G4DFS824A, you will be limited to 2 DIMM slots.