Following instructions specifies how to flash the firmware onto WisTrio board from a Windows host machine:

Make sure to download the following from the Downloads Page:

  • CP210x Windows Driver
  • STM32 Flasher aka Demonstrator
  1. Install the “CP210x_windows_Drivers” driver
    • Unzip the CP210x Driver file, and run the installer
    • Connect the WisTrio Board, Windows should now look for the correct drivers and install them.
    • Note down the COM port, In most cases it should be COM3
  2. Install the STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator
  3. Connect the BOOT jumper:
    • The bootpin of the board needs to be raised to 3.3V when upgrading, so you need to connect the BOOT0 and VDD pin of J12 by using a jumper.
    • Also, make sure that the RX pin of J25 is connected to the RXCP pin.
  4. Start Upgrading the Firmware
    • Open the STM32 Flash Demonstrator Program
    • Select the COM Port
    • Set BaudRate to 115200
    • Click Next - Press reset button on the WisTrio Board
    • You should see the traffic light turn green
    • Click Next - Select “STM32L1_Cat2-128K” as Target
    • Click Next - Select “Download to device” then navigate to location of bin file.
    • Click “Next”
    • This will start the download process
  5. Reset:
    • After finishing the download, close the Demonstrator program, disconnect the RAK5205 and remove the jumper of J12.