MIPI Camera Mezzanine for 96Boards

Table of Contents

1) Introduction

1.1) About the 96Boards MIPI Adapter Mezzanine

The 96Boards MIPI Adapter Mezzanine is primarily designed for Dragonboard 410c, though it is hardware compatible with other Consumer Edition 96Boards. With this adapter, you can easily integrate image sensors into your camera projects. This mezzanine is ideal for surveillance, video conference and even robots projects. It provides multiple interfaces, and gives you a wide range of choices for selecting different camera boards/modules.

1.2) Specifications and Features


  • Conforms to 96Boards Consumer Edition specification
  • Supports Arrow DragonBoard™ 410c
  • Direct MIPI CSI-2 camera access
  • 5MP autofocus camera module included
  • Software support: Linux (Debian)


Supported Sensors

  1. OV5645:YUYV
  2. OV5640:YUYV
  3. OV7251:RAW10
  4. MT9V024 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW10
  5. IMX185:RAW10
  6. AP0202 with AR0230 WDR camera: YUV(1080P@30fps)
  7. OV13850:RAW10
  8. OV8865:RAW10
  9. IMX290:RAW10
  10. OV5647:RAW10
  11. MT9M034 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12
  12. MT9M031 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12
  13. AR0130 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12
  14. AR0134 with Toshiba MIPI Bridge:RAW12
  15. AR0144 :RAW12
  16. OV9281:RAW8/RAW10

2) Guides and Documentation