Programming the STM32 Mezzanine with Arm mbed online

  1. Make sure to properly setup the hardware and software as directed in the Getting Started Guide
  2. Power on you board, the ST-LINK LED should turn on Red
  3. Once the board is booted to Desktop, remove the jumper (Labeled JP5) right next to the micro-usb port.
    • The ST-LINK LED should turn green
    • A USB storage device with a label similar to “B96B-F446VE” should show up with a capacity of around 532Kb
  4. Open Up a browser and navigate to “”
    • Login if you already have an id, or;
    • Sign-up for a new one
  5. Once the IDE Open Up, on the Top-Right corner, click on “ST Platforms”
  6. Select Add Board
  7. From the list select “B96B-F446VE”
  8. Select “Add to your Mbed Compiler”
  9. Go Back to the Compiler Tab
  10. On the Top-Right corner, click on “ST Platforms”
  11. Select “B96B-F446VE” and then Select “Select Platform”
  12. Create a New Project by clicking the “New” button on the Top-Left corner
  13. Make sure the Following things are selected and click OK:
    • Platform: “B96B-F446VE”
    • Template: “Blinky LED Test for the ST Nucleo Boards”
    • Name: any name of your choice
  14. Enter Ctrl+D:
    • IDE should start Compiling
    • A .bin file should be downloaded
  15. Copy the .bin file to the USB storage device labeled “B96B-F446VE”
    • This will flash the .bin file to the Mezzanine Automatically
  16. You should see the ST-LINK LED flash Green and Red for a few seconds and the LED Labeled D2 would start blinking
  17. Try out with other examples