Contributing to Projects

96Boards projects is a community driven initiative of hosting the projects made out of 96Boards (CE, EE and IE). Potential projects should be of good quality and should not include basic interfacing exercises of passive componenets.

Contribution guidelines:

  • All the required support files should be attached or linked
  • Project Thumbnail must be provided for each project
  • Copyright statement is recommended for all source files
  • Link to video demonstration of project is recommended

How to Contribute:

It is always recommended to open an issue first, with the title of Project contribution to 96Boards. The issue should have the following informations:

  • Title for the project
  • Description for the project
  • Bill of Materials (BoM)

Once the issue has been approved by one of our 96Boards team members, projects should be submitted using following the Submit a new Project guide.

If you have any quesitons, please ask in our IRC channel #96Boards or #OpenHours. Also, refer our FAQ section.