Day two and three of ELC (2/3)

Robert Wolff

Day 2 Tuesday(04/05/16) - ELC

Day two started with setting up demos and an entire set of keynotes dedicated to IoT. As I was busy managing the booth, I did not get to see any of these keynotes - however I did get to go to later sessions. Two sessions that stood out especially were Qualcomm’s Mark Charlebois’ session on OpenEmbedded, PX4 and Snapdragon Flight (synopsis here, 30+ attendees), and Koen Kooi’s session on designing a distro from scratch using OpenEmbedded (synopsis here, 90+ attendees!). The sessions briefly introduced OE basics, workflow and common terminology - topics that I found particularly useful given the current lack of documentation surrounding OpenEmbedded and 96Boards.

Important links: Distro considerations / Build environments - working with OE

Embedded Linux Conference Part 2 Image 1

The rest of my day was spent sharing time between the Qualcomm and Linaro booth, shadowing Tyler and David M., and speaking with what seemed like an endless stream of curious people, all interested in learning more about Linaro and 96Boards.

This continued until the booth crawl (demo session in the main hall). Bars loaded with beer and wine, and tables full of food were wheeled into the main hall. Stations were set up for those who had demos to show.

One of our own, Jorge Ramirez-Ortiz, took part in this event with two HiKey boards connected over a network, using facial recognition software, and servos, to emulate a PT (Pivot, tilt) platform which could be used to mount a camera and follow someone’s face:

Demo poster can be found here Day two ended with a free beer (gotta love drink tickets), great company, awesome demos, and friendly conversation.

Day 3 Wednesday(04/06/16) - ELC

Everyone was a little tired on the last day at ELC, but still very excited to see what the day would bring. Linaro had two sessions:

Static Code Checking in the Linux Kernel by Arnd Bergmann with 95+ attendees And Hardware Design for Linux Engineers by Grant Likely with 85+ attendees

Unfortunately I was unable to make it to Arnd Bergmann’s session, but I was able to make it to Grant Likely’s. His session was similar to the one given at Connect with a few additions. Something very cool which came from Grant’s Hardware/mezzanine initiative is the Robo-mezzi made by Michael Welling:

Embedded Linux Conference Part 2 Image 2

Besides Grant’s session, the majority of my day was spent at the Linaro and Qualcomm booths as well as roaming around the hall taking some time to stop off at as many other booths as possible. I had the opportunity to see several demos and speak with some very interesting people. During some slow times at the Linaro booth I had the opportunity to hang out with Tyler Baker, who helped me log into an X-Gene Mustang for the first time, and David Brown, who walked me through one of his attempts to build an RPB image using OE.

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