96Boards Photobooth - Part 3

Manivannan Sadhasivam


Hello and Welcome to the Part 3 blog of 96Boards Photobooth project. This is the final blog of the series and demonstrates the execution of the full fledged Photobooth project using 96Boards.

Before going further, here is the quick recap of what happened in the previous blogs of this project:

  1. Introducing 96Boards Photobooth - This is the introductory blog for the 96Boards Photobooth project which introducted the project, roadmap and bill of materials.

  2. Part 1 - 96Boards Photobooth - This blog provided the instructions for setting up OpenCV on Dragonboard410c and capturing the image using OV5640 camera sensor interfaced using D3 Camera Mezzanine.

  3. Part 2 - 96Boards Photobooth - This blog demonstrates how to apply snapchat like filters using OpenCV and 96Boards watermark to the image captured using Photobooth.

Hardware Required:

Software Required:

  • OpenCV
  • AWS S3
  • QREncode
  • PhShortener
  • Python Pillow

Part 2 - 96Boards Photobooth

All of the instructions for recreating the whole project has been pushed to the 96Boards Projects Org.

You just need to modify the AWS S3 bucket information in the photobooth.py script and use the appropriate boto resource. Also connect Capture push button to GPIO 30 (Pin 12 - J5) and Filter push button to GPIO 29 (Pin 10 - J5) of D3 Camera Mezzanine.

For executing the project, run the below script from ‘Photobooth’ repository.

$ mkdir captured final
$ ./init.sh
$ sudo python3 photobooth.py
  • For changing the filter, press Filter button
  • For capturing the image, press Capture button

After capturing the image, it will be uploaded to the S3 bucket with 96Boards watermark and the tinyurl/qrcode will be displayed for 10 seconds.

Video Demonstration

Video demonstration of the 96Boards Photobooth during Linaro Connect HKG18.


So we are at the end of the 96Boards Photobooth blog series. This project was intended to be a fun incorporated one and it was too evident on the kind of response it got during Linaro Connect HKG18. People were all around it taking selfies with Moustaches and Hat. Any kind of overlay filters can be used with the help of this photobooth. We just need to find the coordinates for it.

If you have any further idea of extending this project, please let us know in comments or even submit a PR to our repo. Stay tuned for the next project!

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