Introducing 96Boards Pinout Website

Sahaj Sarup


I am very excited to announce a new website under, The 96Boards Pinout website serves to provide accurate pinout configuration for various mezzanines compatible with the 96Boards CE(Consumer Edition) Boards. Apart from that, the website also provides detailed information on each of the pins on the low-speed header.

On the website, each mezzanine has its own page providing the pinout configuration, a description and some important links related to the mezzanine board. We already have a bunch of mezzanine boards on the website, including but not limited to:

The website’s source is available on GitHub, so feel free to go and take a look. Instructions to contribute and add your own mezzanine board is also available in GitHub.

At the end, I would like to thank Philip Howard whose the project was forked and modified into

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