ST, System Level ESD Protection and OpenHours

Robert Wolff

It all started with an email and a referral, and before you know it, the 96Boards OpenHours team was ready to meet with the great minds of STMicroelectronics. The topic you ask? None other than System Level ESD(Electro Static Discharge) protection. Believe it or not, I am a novice at the subject and was very excited to learn about anything these guys were willing to teach. That being said, while going through their presentation and hearing about how much work actually goes into these chips and devices, I was mesmerized and overwhelmed with flashbacks of the many hours spent on paper engineering in my undergrad. Transmission lines, impedance matching, circuit design and calculation, so many disciplines for solving a single, yet very important problem. My PTSD faded as the ST Engineers pointed out a wonderful online tool that does everything for you! Not only will this tool help you with the many calculations that come with this process, but it will even recommend parts and help you buy them. It is clear, a lot of work went into this software. So much so,  the process has been forever changed. Anyone who would like to integrate professional levels of ESD protection into their devices can now visit this website and get started:

cough future 96Boards and Mezzanines? cough

Please take a minute to comb through the ST presentation:

ST on 96Boards OpenHours - System level ESD protection from 96Boards

Video from slide show can be viewed here or on YouTube:

Of course you are going to want to watch the OpenHours episode as well, so I think I will plug it in right here:

Many interesting questions came up during this interview/presentation, I would suggest watching as much as possible :D

Now we all know, OpenHours isn’t just interviews and me (Robert Wolff) talking the entire time! Sometimes, and I means sometimes, we actually some very cool stuff to announce. This time, in the spirit of having ST on the call, we were able to announce the STM32 Mezzanine board! For those who are unaware of this board, it has been on the website for some time now, now several distributors are able to sell it.

Take a look!

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