Setup RB3 for the Robotic Arm Project | OpenCV on RB3 Pt. 0 | Qualcomm RB3 Robotic Arm Project

Sahaj Sarup


Let’s take a few steps back and learn how to setup our RB3 for the Robotic Arm Project.

Back in my first blog, I mentioned that the Debian images and the required firmware wasn’t publicly available and I’ll update when they will be.

So here it is the Debain images are finally available and you should go ahead and follow the instructions on out Documentation Section on how to install them.

NOTE: If you have just bought an RB3, make sure to update the bootloader. Instruction for which are a part of the linux installation guide linked above.

From here, you can move on to installing opencv3.2 as per my script and this should set you up with all the software you need to run everything discussed thus far in this blog series.

Going forward I’ll assume that this blog post has been read and everyone is running Debian buster images with OpenCV3.2 installed.

This article is Part 6 in a 10-Part Series.

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