Table of Contents

Installation Overview

This guide will help you boot an operating system installer or update the system firmware on your Developerbox.

To appropriately follow this installation guide you will need to:

  • Choose an installation method
  • Download necessary files
  • Choose host machine

Booting an operating system installer

Booting an operating system installer requires:

  • Developerbox
  • USB stick large enough to hold the downloaded image
  • Keyboard and monitor

Note: As an alternative to a keyboard and monitor is it possible to remove the graphics card and to manage the install from another computer using the USB serial port behind the I/O panel instead. If the menus do not show correctly on the serial port try using screen or picocom instead of minicom and ensure the terminal emulator window is at least 80x25 characters.

Download necessary installation image

The Developerbox comes pre-installed with system firmware (based on Trusted Firmware and EDK2) but without an operating system installed. This section provides links to the latest software downloads for Developerbox.

Linaro supported operating systems based on Debian

Third Party Operating Systems

Other operating systems with support for Developerbox.

Create installation USB stick

Choose host machine to create the USB stick from:

Boot into the installer and install OS

  1. Insert the USB stick to any of the USB sockets
  2. Turn on or reboot your Developerbox
  3. When the splash screen appears press Escape.
  4. Choose Boot Manager
  5. From the boot options in the Boot Manager Menu, choose your USB device to start the installer.

Note: Some operating systems may require workarounds to fix known installation problems. See the links under Third Party Operating Systems section for more detailed information or, if your OS not listed, the Known Issues for more details.

System firmware update

Updating the system firmware requires no additional hardware, although you must have some means of interacting with your Developerbox (keyboard+monitor, UART, SSH). All commands must be run on the Developerbox from GNU/Linux shell, so you must have an operating system installed to update the firmware.

Note: If the board non-functioning and you are unable to run an operating system, try the board recovery instructions instead.

Download system firmware

Linaro supported System Firmware:

Go to the EDK2 downloads page and get the System Firmware Capsule.

Perform a capsule update

Run the following commands on your Developerbox:

sudo apt install fwupdate
sudo fwupdate --apply {50b94ce5-8b63-4849-8af4-ea479356f0e3} DeveloperBox.Cap
sudo reboot

During the reboot process EDK2 will apply the update and then reboot as normal.