The Ultimate Quick, Quick Start Guide for DragonBoard410c

Sahaj Sarup

What is this guide ?

This guide’s purpose is to serve as an index to all the documentation related to getting started with the Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c already available on the 96Boards website.

This guide assumes that you are new to the DragonBoard410c.


  • You have access to:
    • A HDMI Display
    • A USB Keyboard
    • A USB Mouse
    • A 12v 2A Power Supply
    • A 8GB or larger micro SDCard
    • 2.4Ghz Wifi Network
  • You have minimal knowledge about linux terminology like Terminal, shell etc
  • You are not afraid of the CLI

What this guide is not?

This won’t make you an expert on the DragonBoard410c, that is an adventure that you’ll need to embark on your own.

The First Boot.

Its alway good to check that your peripheral play well with the db410c.

  • Plugin the HDMI Display
  • Plugin USB mouse and keyboard
  • Plug in the 12v power supply and power it on
  • Make sure the display comes up
  • And Keyboard and mouse work

WHAAAT, My DragonBoard410c runs Android but I want to run Debian… Or just fresh install a new Debian build.

Follow the Debian installation guide: -

Connecting to WiFi

Well, I guess the users are smart enough to figure out how to connect using the GUI, so let’s try a fun way using CLI

Okay now to the good stuff, GPIOs, LEDs and Sensors etc

Some more interesting guides

Some Example Projects that use DragonBoard410c

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