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96Boards is designed by Linaro as a platform to accelerate the delivery of low cost hardware with the latest SoC technology into the hands of software developers, universities, makers and embedded product OEMs.

Anyone can build and deliver products designed to the specification. Products using the 96Boards brand may be featured on the website and supported on the forums. These must meet certain standards including compliance testing (if required). Further information on 96Boards compliance is available on the Compliance tab of this page.

  1. Levels of Participation
  2. Developing a 96Boards Product
  3. Requirements for using the 96Boards Brand
  4. 96Boards Software Builds and Support

1. Levels of Participation

To use the 96Boards brand and logo companies must participate at one of the following program levels.

96Boards Steering Committee Member 96Boards Manufacturing Partner 96Boards Partner
Cost: Annual Subscription Fee (Annual fee is waived for Linaro Core, Club and Segment Group members) Cost: Fee per unit shipped (no other fees/costs, fee not required for mezzanine/module vendors) Cost: Annual Subscription Fee
For SoC vendors, 96Boards vendors or other community members who wish to help manage and influence the direction of the 96Boards program For manufacturers of 96Boards branded processor board products For 96Boards vendors, mezzanine & module vendors, community software projects and other related companies
Includes participation in the 96Boards Steering Committee, Meets monthly and in person at Linaro Connect, Manages the evolution of published 96Boards specifications, Recommends new specifications Required to ship a 96Boards branded processor board product Required to ship a 96Boards Partner branded product
Logo & Company information on site Logo & Company information on site Logo & Company information on site
Product pages including where to buy, software downloads (if applicable) etc., community forum for 96Boards product vendors Product pages including where to buy, software downloads (if applicable) etc. for board, mezzanine & module vendors  
Requires signing the 96Boards membership agreement Requires signing the 96Boards manufacturing agreement including per board fee to cover costs Requires signing the 96Boards partner agreement

2. Developing a 96Boards Product

Companies considering development of a 96Boards product may contact us at for further information. The specification is open and anyone can develop to it. However, to use the 96Boards brand and logo, and to benefit from participation on you will need to do the following:

For a 96Boards Consumer or Enterprise Edition Development Board

Design to the relevant 96Boards Specification.

Ensure that a compliant software build is available for your board. This may be developed by a board vendor, an SoC vendor independently of Linaro, or by engaging with Linaro member services to work with you on your software build(s)

For a 96Boards Mezzanine board or Module

Please contact with your proposal. We expect to release documentation and guidelines for Mezzanine and Module developers in the summer, together with information on using the 96Boards Partner brand on your module.

3. Requirements for using the 96Boards Brand

Brand users shall participate in the 96Boards Program in at least one of the 96Boards Member, Manufacturing Partner or Partner Levels summarized in Section 2 above.

All 96Boards branded products shall meet the relevant 96Boards published Compliance Requirements.

  • In certain cases variances may be permitted and shall be documented on the relevant product page(s) on the web site.
  • Any specification or compliance variances shall be approved by Linaro in writing before shipment of a 96Boards branded product.

Compliance Report

The 96Boards Compliance Report shall be available on the 96Boards website and shall include details of any specification or compliance variances.

Compliance Services

It is strongly recommended that vendors seeking 96Boards compliance discuss their designs and requirements with Linaro during the design phase. It is much more cost effective to fix potential issues during design than to have to redesign or rework a product if it does not meet the compliance testing requirements.

4. 96Boards Software Builds and Support

The 96Boards web site offers the facility for hosting 96Boards compliant OS software for 96Boards branded products. The forum provides community assistance for all software builds hosted on the site. Software builds will be one of the following types.

Linaro Builds

Linaro Builds have been created and are supported by Linaro. They will be hosted on

Two types of Linaro builds are available:

Release Builds – these are 96Boards compliant release builds delivered by Linaro. Releases may be made at any time but will typically not be more than once per month, and not be less than once per year for a currently supported product. Release builds are supported by Linaro by monitoring the 96Boards forums and through acting on bugs and problems reported on

Snapshot Builds – these are daily builds of the latest software for supported boards that are made available solely at Linaro discretion. Note that these builds have been tested to boot, but may not be completely functional. Linaro is unable to provide support for snapshot builds.

Linaro builds are available for Linaro members who work with Linaro using a dedicated engineering team to create a Linaro supported kernel and distribution for their 96Boards product. Please contact for further information.

Vendor Builds

Vendor Builds are created by either the SoC (System on Chip) vendor or the board developer.

To be hosted on the site they must meet the 96Boards Compliance requirements. Vendor builds are supported by Linaro and the vendor by monitoring the 96Boards forums and through acting on bugs and problems reported on

Community Builds

Community builds are 96Boards compliant builds created by the community and hosted on as a service to 96Boards users. The provider is expected to provide support for a Community Build.

96Boards Manufacturing Partners

96Boards Steering Committee

96Boards Partners

96Boards AI Partners