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OpenHours Episode #74 - DragonWally brings two high-resolution cameras to take pictures of the same scene from diferent points of view. An epipolar geometry algorithm then calculates the distance of the detected objects, based on subtle discrepancies between the two images. Get ready, because this week we will be speaking with the DragonWally team on OpenHours! Cezar Menezes, one of the Engineers from the DragonWally team will join us to talk about his project, the prototype, and his path to creating a product around this awesome idea. I have been told, we will be presented with several demos. We will of course have the opportunity to ask questions and address any other 96Boards concerns during the episode. Stop by with your favorite cup of coffee or tea and hang out with us!

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What is 96Boards OpenHours?

96Boards OpenHours – Sponsored by Linaro welcomes you every week at 4:00pm UTC to participate in the ultimate community driven experience. Bring your coffee and questions, demos and feedback, together we can make a difference for everyone!

We’ll begin these sessions with introductions and announcements, presentation or tutorial and then be open to answer any questions regarding 96Boards products, the specifications, troubleshooting etc.. We don’t promise to answer all the questions immediately and may need to defer answers to a later session, but we’ll try our best to answer during the call.

These sessions will be held on BlueJeans and recorded so they can be made available after the session. There is a limit to a 100 participants so it will be first come first served initially!

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